M&A, Bankruptcy, and Insurance (Part 2)

This course is approved for 1 CE credit for
Property and Casualty in California

CDI approval code: 280250

    The objective of this course is to learn about the role of insurance in mergers, acquisitions, and bankruptcy.

    The 20th century closed with an unprecedented number of businesses engaged in mergers or acquisitions (M&A). Several converging trends make it likely that M&A activity will continue to grow. Mergerstat, a firm that tracks M&A activity of U.S. businesses, reported a record of 9,602 publicly disclosed mergers and acquisitions in 2000. Although experts predict that the pace of multibillion-dollar M&A deals will slow for a while, M&A activity among small to mid-sized companies will continue unabated.

    In this course, you will learn about mergers, acquisitions, and bankruptcy through the following topics:

  • M&A insurance coverage issue: discontinued products

  • M&A insurance coverage issue: discontinued operations

  • M&A insurance coverage issue: directors and officers (D&O)

  • Other M&A insurance coverage issues

  • Financial product considerations

  • Risk transfer considerations


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